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Wonderful old danish designed boardgames from the fifties to the seventies

30 Sep

Found these boardgames at a flea market on østerbro copenhagen

I was inspired by Steve Jobs and made this video of his Speech

28 Sep

This weekend I felt inspired by Steve Jobs speech which i heard months ago – but in the fast lane of busy life I was afraid of forgetting these wise words. So now I made a video of the speech that I cut and pasted together with other peoples great photos and graphics. Here is my inspiration:

Steve Jobs – Inspiring speech song – Stay Hungry Stay foolish

Talking about bad timing!

28 Sep

Haha well thats just wrong.. or is it…See more on:

Multiple lightbulb lamp

27 Sep

Seen in Joe and the Juice on østerbrogade

Great metal letters in Vangede

26 Sep

About 4 meter high letters seen on Dan Turell torv

Photos by Esther Sabina Baltzer