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Inspiring fruity logos for your freshness

29 Nov


In this post we have added 40 best Fruit themed logo designs for your inspiration. My favorite logo designs are Orangyn, Lymlyt, Square Fruit, Fruit Hive, Apple Juice, Appricot, Gradefruit and Weeberry. Please tell us your favorite logo design. Subscribe with us for daily graphic design updates.

Please tell us your favorite logo design.

20 Free PSD files for designers

29 Nov


If you make a decision to make some design and style but immediately after struggling you simply cannot make the correct design and style. So your 2nd option is looking for totally free PSD documents. Right after modest seeking you may possibly find your needed design and style. The PSD file support producing the job simpler and quicker. This can give the layout greater possibility to feel about the create design itself as an alternative of pondering in the file dimensions and requirements. This listing characteristics 20 valuable free PSD files for designers, it was extremely intriguing for me to compose this write-up, I hope these totally free PSD files you’ll love it and you will use them.

iPhone 5 – Free PSD

Tags – Free PSD

Attachment icon – Free PSD

Arrow Cursor – Free PSD

UI Kit – Free PSD

Pitch Control – Free PSD

Clock – PSD File

Mini Reminder – PSD File

Origami Symbolic Bird – PSD File

Samsung Galaxy S III – PSD File

Retro Style Badges – PSD File

Mini Dark Settings – PSD file

Transparent Flip Clock – PSD File

Toolbar – PSD File

Vertical Sliders – PSD File

My To Do List – PSD File

Custom Music Player – PSD File

Progress Bar – PSD File

Instagram Mini Profile – PSD File

Drop Icon – PSD File

Interesting package designs

3 Nov

Eléia x Bast

Tea India

Soyuzsnab Horeca

Blossa 12

Joe’s Tea Company

Schiesser Sport

Greg Straight Portfolio

Student Work – Parvaneh Toghiani


Èlia Olive Oil

Side Project Jerky

Eat 17 Bacon Jam


Goshen Coffee


Coffee Talk

Casa del Agua

SQ Sommeraquavit


Interesting Branding Projects

3 Nov

Apache Flex

Adrian Knopik, partner at Fuse Collective created new Apache Flex logo which was selected among 52 candidates by a community vote. The project below is our vision of how art direction of brand could look like.

Designed by: Multiple designers, check the project’s page

Remember to visit the project’s page for more details.


Designed by: Multiple designers, check the project’s page

Remember to visit the project’s page for more details.

MNW – National Museum in Warsaw

The National Museum in Warsaw (Polish: Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie), Poland,is a national institution of culture, one of the largest museums in Poland and the largest in Warsaw. It comprise a rich collection of ancientart (Egyptian, Greek, Roman), counting about 11.000 pieces, an extensivegallery of Polish painting since the 16th century and a collection of foreignpainting (Italian, French, Flemish, Dutch, German and Russian) including somepaintings from Adolf Hitler’s private collection, ceded to the Museum by the Americanauthorities in post-war Germany. The museum is also home to numismaticcollections and a gallery of applied arts.

Designed by: Dawid Cmok

Remember to visit the project’s page for more details.


Prameya / Interior Design Studio. (Sanskrit) [from pra-ma to measure out from the verbal root ma to measure] An object of exact knowledge; hence a thing to be proved. Concept is based on symbology of Prameya’s original symbol and meaning which means: Knowledge, Object, and Subject, taken from the definition of Prameya. Copyright by

Designed by: Sciencewerk

Remember to visit the project’s page for more details.


Designed by: bruno cirilo

Remember to visit the project’s page for more details.

Grate Studio™

Designed by: Peter Tarka


This months funny and interesting photos

1 Nov