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Frightning but relevant new campaign from Danish Televisions DR2

28 May

Forsman & Bodenfors has made a new campaign for the Danish television channel DR2 about political issues. They are very well made and has some seriously important morals/points. I think the videos are spot on!

This is what Forsman & Bodenfors wrote about the project:

“When Danish national television set out to relaunch their channel DR2, they wanted to launch it as as the debate center. A channel that’s not afraid to raise controversial issues.

So for the launch campaign we found three topics that aimed to spark debate among the Danes. Then we created three film trailers around them. At the same time a web page for DR2 was launched where the different topics were discussed. The debate also took place on Facebook and on Twitter.

The film trailers ran in the non commercial channels DR1 and DR2. And, of course, on the web.”


  • Advertiser: Danish Radio
  • Client: Jacob Kamp Rosendahl
  • Copywriter: Eva Råberg
  • Art Director: Kim Cramer, Lars Elfman
  • Agency Producer: Alexander Blidner
  • Account Director: Hans Anderssson
  • Account Manager: Lina Strandang
  • Planner: Tobias Nordström
  • Director: Kasper Wedendahl
  • Production Company: Bacon
  • Producer: Mahlene Dyhring

18 web designs that scrolls with your mind!

23 May

When designers and programmers unite you will sometimes see brilliant webdesign that changes the way we often do things – here are 18 examples of a new way of scrolling:

Playground Inc.


Artem & Julia are getting married

Shaun Dona

Koa Water

Loft City Church

I Shot Him


Scroll for your Health

Puma Actv

Designed to Move

The Story of the Pound

BTP Design


Hot Dot

5 Reasons to Celebrate SoLoMo

Smart Phood


Package design that simply Inspire

23 May

I love package design when you can see that the designer has really thought about the project. Here are some nice simple designs with the use of types – just for your inspiration:

Wiener Honig

Mezcal Buen Viaje

Student Work – Allison Chambers


Chocolate Naive

NOBLE petite

Stretch Island Fruit Company


My Olive Tree

Hendrick’s Quinetum

Student Work – Charlie Bailey

Student Work – Jongwon Lee

Two Hands


Inspiring concrete designs

16 May

I enjoy Concrete designs. I used to have a giant concrete table that was so heavy that we had to be 6 people to move it! I miss it but here you can get inspired:

concrete iphone dock concrete bottle concrete office tools concrete garden lights concrete bathroom



Amazing Wireless Pool ball speaker for your iphone or bluetooth players

16 May

This is an amazing Wireless Pool ball speaker for your iphone / bluetooth players. Let it waterproof and wirelessly float around while you chill by or in the pool this summer…

waterproof Pool ball speaker