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25 Colorful Logos that makes you want your own!

13 Aug

Logo by
Mark Barner

Logo by Ryan Harrison

Logo by Guillaume Marais

Logo by Maria Grønlund

Logo by Petshopbox

Logo by Vinent

Logo by Genki Hagata

Logo by Enrique Sánchez

Logo by Marianella Snowball

Logo by Evan Dinsmore

Logo by Cosmin Cuciureanu

Logo by Harley Spick

Logo by Modisana Hlomuka

Logo by Andres Vizio

Logo by Arpit Tilak

Logo by Lawrence Allen

Logo by Designers Revolution

Logo by Kim Marcel Czesna

Logo by Abdelilah Driouch

Logo by Jordan Dobney

Logo by Jared Hill

Logo by ALL4LEO

Logo by Alen Type08 Pavlovic

Logo by Emir Ayouni

Logo by Adrianne Hawthorne


16 Vintage & Retro style websites that inspire

9 Aug

16 Vintage & Retro style websites that inspire! The vintage and retro style is overwhelming popular but its not so straight forward to create a design without the right font or element to make it look perfect! It’s a little ironic that we no longer have the beautiful skills of an original signmaker, that knew exactly how a retro or vintage sign should look like! Here you can find your inspiration…

Ready to Inspire

Richard Photo Lab

Tom, Dick & Harry Creative

Beatbox Academy

Dodge & Burn


The Prince Ink Co

Knuckles Industries


Atticus Pet Design Studios

Oh my Deer!

Lyudmil Shoshorov

The Vintage Catering Company

Roxanne Cook



7 wacky, interesting and creative works of design

8 Aug

7 wacky, interesting and creative works of design – Sometimes I just want to share interesting stuff – this is one of these times… 🙂

artificial leg with diamonds and pearls with speakers?!

Amazin buddah in mountain

Is it an eye or a mouth? make-up artists gone wild!

Thats a new way to get your chinese takeaway!!! Zombie food

Skull wallpaper with gold… amazingly wierd and cool

street painter with dollarsigns on his mind and painted on roads now…

Skateboard bench – take an old bench and some old skateboards and create something new… or dont – but the idea is original and inspiring!

always deliver more than expected poster

Always deliver more than expected poster – that just looks so neat and simple

crazy designed hotel tubes

wacky hotel design with tubes and something that just looks like its from a futuristic seventies hotel – amazing! Reminds me of the ball chair!