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Top 16 Modern Free Fonts for Designers in 2020

20 Jan

Originally post by Barnimages – Go check them out. I recommend subscribing to their newsletter. So many freebies to download – awesome!

Here we give you our edited version of Top 16 Modern Font Freebies for Designers in 2020. Go ahead and download alle of them!

Creating a design like business cards, wedding invitations and store fronts you need the right looking fonts that resonate with the job. Don’t forget about using great looking fonts when designing. Using bad fonts can leave your target group confusied. Make sure always to go on a hunt for the right font and download the cool ones while you can. Fonts can have quite high prices but it’s often worth it. BUT there are so many nice free fonts out there, so that is what this post is about.

Here is a selection that will help you find several modern and up-to-date freebie fonts. In this list, you will find fresh free fonts suitable for both minimalistic and elegant, as well as for luxury design projects.

Anita Jane Free font

Free font chic and romantic, yet modern looking font, available for free personal and commercial use.

Architectural Free font

Free font Architectural is a free, condensed, and stylish typeface, characterized by strict proportions and planned geometry. It is ideal for headlines and small text passages. The font contains capital letters and numbers and offers Cyrillic support.

Beway Free font

Free font Bewey is a new modern font freebie that is free for personal and commercial use. Bewey is a sans serif font perfect for headlines, branding advertisements, posters, logos, magazines, and more.

England Free font

Free font You know that your original name tag does not look good with overused sans serif, so here is something fresh, beautiful, and meaningful. This free font will add a distinctive touch to your perfect design. Free for commercial or personal use.

Giveny Free font

Giveny is a free serif typeface, which is characterized by a modern and professional design. This font is perfect for creating titles, logos and promotional material. You can use the Free font version for your personal projects, or purchase the full version for commercial use.

Grifter Bold Free font

Grifter Bold is a strong, assertive, and stylish typeface that can be used in a variety of designs. This typeface includes upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, is multilingual and Free font for personal and commercial uses.

Halfomania Free font

Semifomania is a free futuristic sans serif Free font typeface, perfect for eye-catching logos, headlines, posters, titles, and much more. It is entirely free for personal and commercial use.

Lovebird Free font

Lovebird is a classic calligraphy font. Perfect for logo, label, badge, apparel design, merchandise, branding, packaging, quotes, business cards, wedding supplies, and much more.

Mojito Free font

Mojito is a refreshing sans serif font that is ready for anything! This handy semi-condensed typeface contains clean and structured typefaces, each with slanted versions. This versatile font is perfect for logos and branding, advertising, promotions and events, and countless other applications. It is equally comfortable to use in modern or vintage projects. This freebie is free for personal use only, but if you like the font, you can get the full version of Mojito here.

Nanotech Free font

Nanotech is a clean sans serif typeface with a strong visual impact. This font is perfect for logos, business cards, magazine layouts, headlines, product design, large-format artwork, and more.

Omega Sans Free font

Omega Sans is a classic sans serif typeface with balanced Beziér curves. This enjoyable font is very flexible and is great looking for headlines and titles. The font family is available in 4 weights (the regular one is available for free download) and supports multilingual accents for 120 Latin languages.

Radicals Free font

Radicals is a bold font. Perfect for your next creative project such as logo, printed quotes, invitations, cards, product packaging, headers, stationery, posters, clothing design, labels, etc.

Radio-Grotesk Free font

With established majuscules and refined minuscules – Radio Grotesque brings contemporary characteristics into a classic writing style. With its three weights, Radio Grotesque can be easily adapted to any project. Available free of charge for personal use.

Shamery Free font

Shamery is a free serif uppercase script. Suitable for luxurious and elegant design projects, this font is great on its own or paired with another script or sans font. It contains uppercase letters, numbers, and simple punctuation.

Tahu Free font

Tahu is a modern font with a minimalist design. It is perfect for T-shirt designs, website headlines, and social media posts. The font can be used freely for personal and commercial projects.

Wanderlust Free font

The Wanderlust typeface has a rustic, robust, powerful yet dynamic and distinctive character. Its serif form, both round and angular, is naturally inspired by landscape and mountain characteristics.

Want more free fonts and images?

Want to see more free fonts or photos – head over to the original post here on Barnimages.

Most amazing retro graphic design book publishing store in New York City

6 Apr

book - Most amazing retro graphic design book publishing store in New York City

I got so inspired by this most amazing retro graphic design book publishing store in New York City. I was amazed by their wonderful book designs and graphic design skills in their layouts. I have made a nice collection here of what you can see and buy on their website. I can’t wait to visit next time I am in NYC to experience and feel their books. Finding a gem like this and with a very decent website is quite rare for me. It’s very retro most of what they have and in the most amazing way. I am not being paid or sponsored in any way by saying check out Standard Manual website and go explore their many books and so forth. You might wanna visit to get the full experience!


“Our mission is to archive and preserve artifacts of design history and make them available to future generations. From reprinted graphics standards manuals to new compendiums of archival work, our titles always aim to make great design available to all.”


Standard Manual is apperantly an independent publishing imprint founded by two guys, Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth and I just love how passionate the guys are by just going through their website.

On their about page you can read more about their passion like:


“As designers ourselves, we value high quality books. As an independent publisher, we produce our books using only the finest papers, printing, and finishing methods. We don’t cut corners when it comes to quality.”



Top 40 free fonts for designers

28 Feb

The Best of free Fonts in 2014

Here is a list of nice and free fonts for designers that was popular in 2014.

Squares Font

Font Download

Taurus Mono Font

Font Download

Primiterus Font

Font Download

Kraftstoff Font

Font Download

Garnata Font

Font Download

Coco Puff Font

Font Download

Separator Font

Font Download

Hans Kendrick Font

Font Download

The Medic Font

Font Download

REN Typeface / Font

Font Download

Monarc Font

Font Download

Gasalt Font

Font Download

Bandung Pride Font

Font Download

Nulshock Font

Font Download

SkolaSans Font

Font Download

Marcus Font

Font Download

Aina Mono Font

Font Download

Eligible Font

Font Download

Block font

Font Download


Font Download

Recharge Font

Font Download

Vagtur Font

Font Download

Eligible Sans Font

Font Download

Choplin Font

Font Download

AXIS Free Font

Font Download

Phantasm Free Font

Font Download

Anders Free Font

Font Download

AENEA Free Font

Font Download

Asgalt Free Font

Font Download

Prosto Sans (Bold) Free Font

Font Download

Zona Pro (Thin & Bold) Free Font

Font Download

Gafata STD Free Font

Font Download

Meticulous Ariel Free Font

Font Download

Aaram Free Font

Font Download

Certa Sans (Medium & Italic) Free Font

Font Download

Silent Lips Free Font

Font Download

Loew (Heavy) Free Font

Font Download

Kirvy Font

Font Download

Reckoner Font

Font Download

Duma Font

Font Download

25 Colorful Logos that makes you want your own!

13 Aug

Logo by
Mark Barner

Logo by Ryan Harrison

Logo by Guillaume Marais

Logo by Maria Grønlund

Logo by Petshopbox

Logo by Vinent

Logo by Genki Hagata

Logo by Enrique Sánchez

Logo by Marianella Snowball

Logo by Evan Dinsmore

Logo by Cosmin Cuciureanu

Logo by Harley Spick

Logo by Modisana Hlomuka

Logo by Andres Vizio

Logo by Arpit Tilak

Logo by Lawrence Allen

Logo by Designers Revolution

Logo by Kim Marcel Czesna

Logo by Abdelilah Driouch

Logo by Jordan Dobney

Logo by Jared Hill

Logo by ALL4LEO

Logo by Alen Type08 Pavlovic

Logo by Emir Ayouni

Logo by Adrianne Hawthorne