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Amazing Wireless Pool ball speaker for your iphone or bluetooth players

16 May

This is an amazing Wireless Pool ball speaker for your iphone / bluetooth players. Let it waterproof and wirelessly float around while you chill by or in the pool this summer…

waterproof Pool ball speaker

source: http://www.thefancy.com/things/353729346847903361/ORB1-Wireless-Bluetooth-Floating-Sound-System


Retro and innovative speaker designs

11 Apr


Kendall Portable Bluetooth Speaker


The new Kendall music companion is the perfect solution for those of you who like to have some decent sounding music where wiring and/or access to power might not allow the possibility.Absolutely perfect to take to the park for a picnic or the cabin for the weekend as well as used to play music in rooms where you might not have a traditional stereo setup.Paired with our freely downloadable iphone application it turns into a great little alarm clock.

Kendall – Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Muji Bluetooth Wall Speaker


This wall mount Bluetooth wall speaker plays music wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled devices such as your smartphone and comes with a built-in FM radio. The speaker can be turned ON/OFF by pulling the cord attached to the wall hanging body. The Muji wall mount Bluetooth Speaker has 2W × 2ch output. Volume control is possible with the supplied remote control.

Muji Bluetooth Wall Speaker

Kohler Moxie Speaker Showerhead

Kohler-Moxie-Speaker-Showerhead Kohler-Moxie-Speaker-Showerhead-1

Surround yourself with sound for a new kind of KOHLER shower experience. Your music. Your shower. Your time. To shine. To chill out. To sing. To refresh. To re-set. To be moved. To get energized. To get away. The Moxie showerhead + wireless speaker delivers 7 hours of music, news and more to your showerhead by pairing wirelessly with your Bluetooth- enabled devices. The magnetic speaker capsule pops in and out of the showerhead for easy re-charging of the built-in Lithium-ION battery.

Kohler Moxie Speaker Showerhead

House of Marley Chant Portable Wireless Speaker

House-of-Marley-Chant-Portable-Wireless-Speaker House-of-Marley-Chant-Portable-Wireless-Speaker-

Simple. Portable. Earth-Friendly. Take your music with you wherever you go with the Chant Bluetooth portable audio system. The built-in rechargeable battery and convenient Bluetooth connectivity make it simple and easy to connect hundreds of devices and fire up your tunes whenever and wherever you need them.

House of Marley Chant Portable Wireless Speaker

NuForce Cube Portable Speaker


The NuForce Cube is engineered to be your all-in-one mobile audio center. If you want good sound wherever you go, then you’ll find it an amazingly convenient and easy to carry companion. In one tiny cube-shaped enclosure, we have united a quality headphone amplifier, high performance speaker, and audiophile grade USB DAC.

NuForce Cube Portable Speaker

Watch out for yourself… There is so many dumb ways to die!

14 Dec

I hope you all take care of yourselves this winter! There are so many dumb ways to die – don’t be dumb… Drive, Walk and do only smart and safe things! 🙂
Have a great weekend!

Freaky, funny and interesting music videos

27 Apr

Jamie Dubs has made a playlist that is weird, freaky and interesting – check it out: video Xmix 2011