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Brilliant innovative furniture designs that you need at home or in the office

29 Sep

Brilliant innovative furniture designs that you need at home or in the office!
Tables are more than simply handy and nice to sit on, they are both pretty, a design item and innovative at times. Be astonied by these brilliant tables, benches and more that use wood logs, marble, metal, glass, jet engines and living grass-table.

A nice twist on the classic log table

ff1c768829ce68233f028f77143d820d_127e3859dfd50b441d5a050ffc79646a0_1bJohn Houshmand


 The glass/wood river table

368c2aefd5196c150245f29dea135d8e_24a4f24ea7b611286ee71ebb05ef48aa6_2bGreg Klassen


The Leaf table



The amazing moon table

ee6dba97dc91bba6b0692051cc42d1ea_16Liana Yaroslavsky


Wood and aluminum stools and tables

682abd3ca5d9c7e8b7c81f59889f1d9b_1244c0c726e9578f1e8cfa5b72d43a4778_12bHilla Shamia


These look like chocolate has been poured over it

757da5971b086912164c532fb525b054_15Matthew Robinson


It’s like looking into the deep blue sea

f3b4e61c9e9fc1d3b545bd5258ee0623_7c8c43028405263d620b44a43f837a585_7bDuffy London


The swing table, a must for everyone that is a child at heart

dbb3eb12d1a097c194ee55b74eb293ff_9Duffy London


This table combined with sunshine turns your room into a disco

874ce30af1ed7c9487c51fe212221ff6_5bb8e5bd31c3bcec387e97b3cf2a4dfd3d_5John Foster


Diamonds are forever, so are these Amethyst and Citrine tables

4b762d3169c7b8ed5eb9367da02e9a53_3Crystal Works

eaf9a6d1ad149601bbdd1d846277cb57_4Empressive Geo Designs

1ea6a6b1438127e6bd6dc5d22ddd4f0f_4bTouchstone Galleries


This one fololows the shore of your very own lake. Island included

4207b28ce4956a39f7d039349e9e781a_18a0a2626d220a2b71159fc93ff68d9580_18bDavid Gill


Every meal an indoor picnic

1c4dcdbea7b7a57fcba9009a110a848e_111fbd48e31f3031e6f650882c81e1933f_11bHaiko Cosnelissen


Almost invisible



Petrified wood can be very alluring

92cfe47140f86d8e65c3458f261ef0f5_13Touchstone Galleries


Wood in blocks of “Ice” that won’t melt

f52a03a2c51452bf946608c51752f42f_6bf249c80d52a80a9c0adec0dbe74c7692_6c5665e73b58a6666b45ef4de3816a59cd_6Bleu Nature


Want something light? Try the bubble table

a645e69da85cf8b32ca592a8c21be5a0_10Liana Yaroslavsky


Used jet engines make great tables


Source: Incredible innovative table designs that you want – StumbleUpon

7 wacky, interesting and creative works of design

8 Aug

7 wacky, interesting and creative works of design – Sometimes I just want to share interesting stuff – this is one of these times… 🙂

artificial leg with diamonds and pearls with speakers?!

Amazin buddah in mountain

Is it an eye or a mouth? make-up artists gone wild!

Thats a new way to get your chinese takeaway!!! Zombie food

Skull wallpaper with gold… amazingly wierd and cool

street painter with dollarsigns on his mind and painted on roads now…

Skateboard bench – take an old bench and some old skateboards and create something new… or dont – but the idea is original and inspiring!

always deliver more than expected poster

Always deliver more than expected poster – that just looks so neat and simple

crazy designed hotel tubes

wacky hotel design with tubes and something that just looks like its from a futuristic seventies hotel – amazing! Reminds me of the ball chair!


Danish designed Snowflower lamp is already a classic!

17 Jun

When danish designers are passionate classics are born! Danish designed Snowflower lamp is already a classic! My friends and fellow designers, Karina and Marcus has designed a lamp that has the feel og look of a classic like a Poul Henningsen lamp in a simple streamlined danish design. Snowflower comes in 2 versions: Floor lamp and Ceiling lamp. I really enjoy the way the lamp reacts to a little wind and movement in it’s environment. It’s like a living organism or almost like a leafs on a tree in the wind. I can’t wait to see what other cool limited edition designs the Snowflower lamp will come in sometime in the future maybe?

snowflower home 02 by mencke vagnby

snowflower home 02 by mencke vagnby

image 1

The simple package

snowflower us 1

snowflower us 1

snowflower black 1

snowflower black 1

snowflower lamp4

snowflower lamp 4

The Danish designers Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby founded ShapingYourDay in 2012 to design, produce and market storytelling, functional and sustainable products. Sustainability and a long product life are obtained via ShapingYourDay’s simple designs based on complex structures inspired by nature: Detachable products made of pure materials for a better and easier recycling and small packaging – due to the self-assembly element of our products – made of recycled materials, all enable a lower CO2 emission under production and transportation. ShapingYourDay’s products are designed to make sense. Beauty based on function, shapes with room for personality and imagination and an environmental element that makes a difference.

As designers and brand owners, Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby control and shape all aspects of the design process allowing them e.g. to implement new recycling principles and chose the right materials to ensure the best results.

Sustainability and lasting designs that move you are the key features when ShapingYourDay!

See more and buy the Snowflower lamp

Stone carpet – rock your floors like a beach!

13 May

I really like this almost homemade Stone carpet – rock your floors like a beach with these beach stones.


source: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0042R5YY4?ie=UTF8&tag=miksthi-20

Relax and read in Bibliochaise

16 Apr

Source: http://www.coolest-gadgets.com/


If you read a lot of books and your house is full of them, then the Bibliochaise is an extremely useful item, and a good asset for your living room. The Bibliochaise is a different kind of chair, designed for people who love to read and want to keep their favourite books close at hand.

This Italian designed armchair library was first shown at the Salone del Mobile 2006 in Milan. The Home model measures 40,16 x 33,46 x 28,94 inches, and has 16,40 feet of space to store your books and manuals. The chair can customized with your favourite colours, and the replaceable cushion covers also have six different colours options, so you can match the style of your house. The Contract chair is a bigger model, and is made out of your choice of wood, with leather cushions.


If you have thousands of books in your house, the Bibliochaise is not only a great way to keep them close, but it also looks comfortable enough for you to read them while you are sitting on it. Not to mention that this chair is definitely going to be a huge success with your friends when you throw your next party, especially for those who are also book lovers.