Danish designed Snowflower lamp is already a classic!

17 Jun

When danish designers are passionate classics are born! Danish designed Snowflower lamp is already a classic! My friends and fellow designers, Karina and Marcus has designed a lamp that has the feel og look of a classic like a Poul Henningsen lamp in a simple streamlined danish design. Snowflower comes in 2 versions: Floor lamp and Ceiling lamp. I really enjoy the way the lamp reacts to a little wind and movement in it’s environment. It’s like a living organism or almost like a leafs on a tree in the wind. I can’t wait to see what other cool limited edition designs the Snowflower lamp will come in sometime in the future maybe?

snowflower home 02 by mencke vagnby

snowflower home 02 by mencke vagnby

image 1

The simple package

snowflower us 1

snowflower us 1

snowflower black 1

snowflower black 1

snowflower lamp4

snowflower lamp 4

The Danish designers Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby founded ShapingYourDay in 2012 to design, produce and market storytelling, functional and sustainable products. Sustainability and a long product life are obtained via ShapingYourDay’s simple designs based on complex structures inspired by nature: Detachable products made of pure materials for a better and easier recycling and small packaging – due to the self-assembly element of our products – made of recycled materials, all enable a lower CO2 emission under production and transportation. ShapingYourDay’s products are designed to make sense. Beauty based on function, shapes with room for personality and imagination and an environmental element that makes a difference.

As designers and brand owners, Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby control and shape all aspects of the design process allowing them e.g. to implement new recycling principles and chose the right materials to ensure the best results.

Sustainability and lasting designs that move you are the key features when ShapingYourDay!

See more and buy the Snowflower lamp

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