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Inspirational Animal Logos and for Vets or Animal shelters

11 Oct

Inspirational Animal Logos and for Vets or Animal shelters.

I am doing a logo for one of my clients who has a animal clinic and it is always a great inspiration to look at what other talented designers have done. So here is some of the logos I found. I hope you will get inspired.


Top 25 of the most Innovative and inspirational 3D business cards you wish was yours!

17 Jun

Top 25 of the most Innovative and inspirational 3D business cards you wish was yours! Sometimes your own business card just looks dull and you want a fresh idea to make new ones. Well if you like 3D in paper here are some really cool and inspiring business cards that could influence how your next idea for a new business card could be.

3D Tommy

3D M business cards

Tools 3D business cards

Jeans 3D business cards

Face pop-up 3D business cards

Finger hole 3D business cards

Folder 3D business cards

Dice 3D business cards

Frame art 3D business cards

Piano 3D business cards

Bandate 3D business cards

chart 3D business cards

Rip paper strip 3D business cards

Visually 3D flag business cards

cutout 3D business cards

Foldout 3D business cards

RD letters 3D business cards

S circle 3D business cards

build a chair architect 3D business cards

Folded House 3D business cards

Folded house 3D business cards

Architects 3D business cards

snow or windows 3D business cards

Castle 3D business cards

Black plate 3D business cards

Source: creativeswall.com

7 wacky, interesting and creative works of design

8 Aug

7 wacky, interesting and creative works of design – Sometimes I just want to share interesting stuff – this is one of these times… 🙂

artificial leg with diamonds and pearls with speakers?!

Amazin buddah in mountain

Is it an eye or a mouth? make-up artists gone wild!

Thats a new way to get your chinese takeaway!!! Zombie food

Skull wallpaper with gold… amazingly wierd and cool

street painter with dollarsigns on his mind and painted on roads now…

Skateboard bench – take an old bench and some old skateboards and create something new… or dont – but the idea is original and inspiring!

always deliver more than expected poster

Always deliver more than expected poster – that just looks so neat and simple

crazy designed hotel tubes

wacky hotel design with tubes and something that just looks like its from a futuristic seventies hotel – amazing! Reminds me of the ball chair!


About your brain and what controls what – Iain McGilchrist

14 Apr

The devided brain and the making of the western world. He talks about your brain and what controls what in the left and right brain.

Funny and bizarre package design

14 Jun

Borrowed from this great website! Thanks

Evian 2005 Limited Edition Bottle

View Source

Experimental Milk Carton

View Source

Tequila Gun Packaging

View Source

Salt & Pepper Cell

View Source

Lightbulb Box

View Source

Kleenex Packaging

View Source

360 Paper Bottle

View Source

Wine in a Can

View Source

Doritos Packaging Concept

View Source

Hanger Tea

View Source

El Mil del Poaig Packaging

View Source

Wine Packaging

View Source

Egg Packaging Corrugated Card

View Source

Prism Eyewear

View Source

Pop-up Popcorn

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Soy Mamelle

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View Source

Dino Gum

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Egg Package

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Boxless Pizza Package Design

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Instant Karma

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Paul Smith x Evian

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El Negrito Packaging Design

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Coca-Cola 2009 Holiday Ornament Bottles

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View Source

Sexy Gourmet Food

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Quick Fruit Packaging Concept

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Re:Charge Beverage packaging

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EarBudeez Headphones

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