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Wanna meet the people who created your T-shirt and see how?

27 Jan

Wanna meet the people who created your T-shirt and see how? I thought this was an interesting concepts when talking about design and production in our world where we should focus on sustainable design and products.

Alex Bloomberg from Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt explains:

Funny T-shirts ideas

18 Mar

Source: Boringpanda.com

Venetian Blind T-Shirt

The string is not a print, but a real string, which you can pull to open the blinds, as shown on the image above. Suitable to spend the hot summer. (Bamboos to shikisai)

Bikini T-Shirt

(Designer: unknown)

The Situation

A perfect T-shirt for that “guido” in your life who wants to show off the abs ala The Situation from MTV’s Jersey Shore via(Bamboos to Branden Kramer)

Personal Trainer T-Shirt

(Advertising Agency: GJP Advertising + Design, Toronto, Canada)

The Chalkboard Tee

(Bamboos to thechalkboardtee)

Zoo Safari T-Shirts

(Advertising Agency: DDB Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil)

2010 FIFA World Cup T-Shirt

(Designed for the Dutch football federation)

Best Video Game Controller Ever

(Designer: unknown)

FedEx Illusion T-Shirt

cool tshirts fedex


fresh funny retro t-shirt

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Diesel boxershort

31 Aug

Great package design

Fresh looking Tees

21 Mar

Oz Østerbrogade