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Top 45: Business Card Inspiration – Foldable, Cutout’s or Origami design

24 Nov

While I was researching business cards for a client I saw many different types of Business Card Inspiration like Foldable, Cutout’s or Origami design an much much more. So I decided to make yet another post with inspiration.

I hope you can use some inspiration for your next project too. There are so many ways of making a visual identity stand out, like creating a business card, that clients don’t want to throw out – that’s also a sustainable way of designing.

If you can get clients to use your business card as something handy or beautiful – then do it, as it can make a lasting impression.

Check these business cards designs out – and if these designs are not enough then also see this: 100 inspirational business cards.

Ideas for Minimalistic Business cards – inspiration for design, visual identity and branding

16 Nov

My designer-friend collected over the years this entire look-book of awesome designs, inspiration for design, visual identity and branding. I am amazed how many amazing and well designed business cards and identities there are here.

I am so sorry I can’t credit the designers of these, so if you are one of the designers or creators of one of these, please write me in the comments and I will make sure to credit you. Thanks so much.

There are so many variants that make a great business card stand out. I have created a list of typical things I think can make a big difference:

  • Papertype (organic, white, coloured)
  • Thickness of the paper
  • Paper glued together to get a thicker quality or an edge with a color
  • Coloured edges
  • Coating on top of the paper
  • Embossed paper with a logo or similar
  • UV fernis
  • Spot UV fernis
  • Metallic overlay print
  • Cutouts
  • Original shapes of the paper
  • Foldable cards
  • Origami cards
  • Other material cards than paper (plastic, wood or metal)
  • Foil instead of print

You can also find 25 business cards as a nice inspiration here

Business Cards – The Minimalistic Lookbook of Ideas