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Funny IKEA commercial making fun of Apple

22 Jan

Funny IKEA commercial making fun of Apple ad video

Funny IKEA commercial making fun of Apple. I love when people take other companies perspectives or in this case make fun of what actually works when Apple creates a TV commercial / ad. IKEA decided to take on that concept and see if it works. Also it has references to a norwegian joke about Book support, that you can watch here.

IKEA does a great job at re-selling the concept of a book in a tech world filled with tablets, iPads, iPhone and tech – a bookbook = a free IKEA catalog.

I laughed so much and also because it is so well though. Nice spin-off of Apple commercials and ads. Enjoy 🙂

Thai commercial leaves everyone crying!

21 Sep

Thai commercial leaves everyone crying! I thought this was interesting and creative enough to share with you guys. 3min commercial that tells a really good and simple story!

Thai mobile telecommunications company TrueMove has launched ‘Giving’, a 3 min online film telling the moving story of two families transformed by the spirit of giving without hope of return. TrueMove says the plot, inspired by stories shared on social media, is associated with the company’s commitment to create opportunities and improve the quality of life in Thailand. TrueMove’s tag line, “Giving is the best communication”.

Angels are falling in London! Augmented reality clip!

18 Mar

Lynx campaign in London