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Most amazing retro graphic design book publishing store in New York City

6 Apr

book - Most amazing retro graphic design book publishing store in New York City

I got so inspired by this most amazing retro graphic design book publishing store in New York City. I was amazed by their wonderful book designs and graphic design skills in their layouts. I have made a nice collection here of what you can see and buy on their website. I can’t wait to visit next time I am in NYC to experience and feel their books. Finding a gem like this and with a very decent website is quite rare for me. It’s very retro most of what they have and in the most amazing way. I am not being paid or sponsored in any way by saying check out Standard Manual website and go explore their many books and so forth. You might wanna visit to get the full experience!


“Our mission is to archive and preserve artifacts of design history and make them available to future generations. From reprinted graphics standards manuals to new compendiums of archival work, our titles always aim to make great design available to all.”


Standard Manual is apperantly an independent publishing imprint founded by two guys, Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth and I just love how passionate the guys are by just going through their website.

On their about page you can read more about their passion like:


“As designers ourselves, we value high quality books. As an independent publisher, we produce our books using only the finest papers, printing, and finishing methods. We don’t cut corners when it comes to quality.”


Source: standardsmanual.com

Worst 70ies clothes for men – inspiration for Halloween

22 Oct

Worst 70ies clothes for men – inspiration for Halloween. Usually I don’t write about fashion but since it’s all posters or pictures in magazines in the 70s I think it’s kind of relevant when Halloween is around the corner and these hilarious photos of men in the 70s try to look sleek and cool. 

These images are so retro commercials and ads  for men’s clothes in the 70s that I began laughing. Worst of all I remember some walking around in some of these clothes in the 80s to. Which means they were way behind fashion ha ha. 

If you wore these clothes today I would be pretty sure that even girls would yell this at you: https://youtu.be/eyQca1cwe54

Hilarious and funny clothes for men in the 1970s: