How old recycled stuff can become upcycling designs

25 Apr

This is a must try for all you people out there who needs a creative kick in the butt. These “upcycling” designs will rock your interior design and household. “Upcycling” is the new black…
Recycled design / aka upcycling: if it doesn’t smells it sells! 😉

1. an old ladder as a bookshelf.
Vintage Wooden Corner Ladder Bookshelf with metal strap
Naturally Cre8tive on Etsy

2. Convert folding chairs into a shelf and closet.

3. Turning an empty milk carton into a tetrabox lamp.

Bored Panda

4. Using old bottles as shades for pendant lamps.
Tangerine Dream Waterfall Mason Jar Chandelier - Hanging Spiral Lighting Fixture - Upcycled Mason Jar Pendant Lamp - BootsNGus ChandeliersSazerac Rye Whiskey Recycled bottle lampGalleon Green - Hanging Bottle Pendant LampSeagrams Gin Bottle Chandelier

5. Make a lamp with hot glue and disposable spoons.

Bored Panda

6. Using old skateboard decks to make a child’s picnic table.

Or a Skateboard stool or bench


7. Turning a glove into an adorable chipmunk.

Bored Panda

8. Making shelves out of old books.
Book shelves
Real Simple

9. Turn old bottle caps into cool tea lights.
Mixology - Recycled B-Lights Soy Candles 6 Pack Unscented Tea Lights, Upcycled Wine, Liquor Bottle Caps, Organic, Vegan

10. Convert a discarded piano into a very cool shelf.

11. Transforming wrenches into wall hooks.
3 Wrench Hook Set - Custom  Wall Hooks

12. Organizing your cords with used toilet paper tubes.
Picture of TP Roll Organizer Box instructable

13. This sink you can make out of a bicycle.
bicycle sink design bathroom wash funny clever bike

14. A portable bagel holder made out of CD/DVD tower case.
bagel holder box lunch design cd dvd case

15. Make your wooden fence a little more private with glass marbles.
marbles in a fence panel

16. Put your old computer towers to good use as a mailbox. It might not be pretty but its original.
Recycled Computer Mailbox
The Zooom

17. Buy packs of cheap hangers to create a room divider.
LIKEarchitects form chromatic screen installation with IKEA hangers
Design Boom

18. Create guitar pics out of credit cards (or anything else).
PickMaster Plectrum Punch - Make Your Own Picks

19. Found another old piano? Turn it into a planter/outdoor fountain.

Twisted Sifter

20. Convert used light bulbs into oil lamps.


21. Create a clock out of a bike wheel.
Recycled Bike Wheel clock

22. Transform that old drum set into a chandelier.

Bored Panda

23. Use your favorite, old cassette for useful things.



24. Cut a bath tub in half to make one of the coolest couches ever.


25. Use that old, vintage suitcase for a cool chair.

26. Recycle used wine bottles as a classy chandelier.


27. If that old TV doesn’t work, transform it into an aquarium.
307michael1.jpg (24kb)307michael2.jpg (20kb)
Aqua Hobby

28. Make a purse (and many, many other things) out of woven pop tabs.

Bored Panda

29. If you don’t like wearing hats, make them into lamps.

hat lamp design diy

30. Transform classic tennis rackets into mirrors.

Country Living so that you can see the tennis-star in the mirror

If you have any upcycling designs make sure to send us them and we will share the cool ones here on the blog for the world to see.

Also see Naturally Cre8tive.

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