Worst 70ies clothes for men – inspiration for Halloween

22 Oct

Worst 70ies clothes for men – inspiration for Halloween. Usually I don’t write about fashion but since it’s all posters or pictures in magazines in the 70s I think it’s kind of relevant when Halloween is around the corner and these hilarious photos of men in the 70s try to look sleek and cool. 

These images are so retro commercials and ads  for men’s clothes in the 70s that I began laughing. Worst of all I remember some walking around in some of these clothes in the 80s to. Which means they were way behind fashion ha ha. 

If you wore these clothes today I would be pretty sure that even girls would yell this at you: https://youtu.be/eyQca1cwe54

Hilarious and funny clothes for men in the 1970s:

source: boredpanda.com

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