Online Tools to Test Your Website Browser Compatibility

3 Mar

1. Browsershots

This online tool provides you with screen shots of your web page from just about any browser from all of the common operating systems. You have to submit your URL and wait in the queue till you receive results. You can use paid option and skip the queue line for instant results.
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2. CrossBrowserTesting

Another awesome online tool that helps you to test your website. Just pick an OS, select browser and start testing. Free trial is available, also you can purchase a monthly subscription for this service.
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3. Browsercam

BrowserCam offers various browser testing tools that allow you to choose browser or device, use remote access and even receive email capture. Check Java scripts, DHTML, forms and other features on any platform. You can try out free trial for 24 hours and up to 200 captures!
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4. IE Tester

If you want to test your website on various Internet Explorer versions this application allows to do just that. Test your web page on on IE 5.5, IE6, IE7, IE8 and IE9 browsers including famous Microsfot’s operating systems – Windows 7, Vista and XP.
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5. Browserling

This excellent free service can be proudly called one of the best for now – you can test your website functions including JS. But free means free and you have to wait for your turn in live queue, after that you’ll have as little as 5 minutes to test your website and than you’ll be dropped out. Of course you can buy subscription for $20/month to avoid that, or become a registered user (free) and you can receive free 10 minutes instead of 5.
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6. Cloud Testing

The last service from our list will help you to test your website on various OS and latest versions of the most popular web browsers. Tests are being repeatedly carried out on a daily basis so you can trace down the changes that you had made to the website. Cloud testing gives you a tool similar to Firebug so you can fix everything in one place. But don’t forget that Cloud Testing is a paid service.

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