Beautiful Art by Irina Vinnik

5 Mar


I was actually on StumbleUpon the other day when I came across the portfolio of Irina Vinnik, and discovered that she was an amazing artist that was filled to the brim with creativity. I definitely wanted to share her work with you since it really inspired me, and I absolutely love her attention to detail. Her artwork has some very ornate patterns in it and there is always a very appealing visual flow that is weaved into every work she produces.

Check out these works that were showcased in one of Irina’s sketchbooks and be sure to let me know what you think of them in the comments below.

I’m really diggin her work and her typography is absolutely amazing. She just has so much attention to detail that it makes all of her work brilliant. Be sure to check out her Behance profile by CLICKING HERE so that you can view more of her amazing work.

I’ll have to try to interview her for MeltingWaves sometime soon.


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