Impressive wall paintings that will rock your world!

17 Sep

Flight Trough (Image credit: Robert Proch)

An artistic painting on the back of a house with gradients of yellow and red. If you look closely, you would see meshed up images of birds seemingly flying across a window.

Brrrrr… (Image credit: SmugOne)

Sci-fi wall painting resembles that of movie posters of the 60′s and 70′s.

My Precious… (Image credit: SmugOne)

The trademark Gollum, aka Smeagol, from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Seems like he’s still searching for his precious.

Swarm (Image credit: Today is a Good Day)

Swarm of red, orange and green minnions. Taken near Sunday Market in Grünerløkka Oslo.

Common Threads Restoration (Image credit: City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program)

A modern take on Victorian era art.

Mural at Broad & Lombard Streets(Image credit: Brooke)

Complex and alluring mural mixing various elements and figures into one great painting.

Busy House (Image credit: Izismile)

A sneak peak of what goes on in an otherwise ordinary-looking house.

Illusionary Tunnel (Image credit: Izismile)

Does this tunnel exists, or is it just a wall painting?

Kosice/Slovakia (Image credit: Przemek Blejzyk)

Pulling the ‘dog’ out of him?

Szczecin/Poland (Image credit: Przemek Blejzyk)

Four mismatched musicians. One wonders what kind of music would they produce?

Door Keepers (Image credit: Firenzesca)

With this guardian by the door, anyone would be safe in here.

Indoor or Outdoor? (Image credit: Firenzesca)

Playing tricks with your eyes.

Kreuzberg Painted Wall (Image credit: Georgios.K)

Events of our lives appearing like channels on our TVs.

The Painted Wall (Image credit: Camil Tulcan)

Perfect view of the sea… but no sea breeze.

Internet Explorer Error Message Tagged (Image credit: Andreas Solberg)

Opps. Error loading wall painting.

Wall Painting (Image credit: Virtuos0)

Even if nothing really happens at the back of the house, you can always make it seem lively with paintings of social activities.

The Invisible Wall (Image credit: Rainbow Skill)

Don’t walk into the wall.

Venice Beach Graffiti (Image credit: California Photo)

Cute little cartoon figures drawn by graffiti artists of Venice, California.

Wall Painting in Riga (Image credit: Amici Del Giovedi)

Beautiful painting portraying mankind’s desire to soar in the skies.

“Pass-Pass to Heaven” (Image credit: MTO)

“Re-mixing” the shutters.

Unicef: Vaccine (Image credit: Ads of the World)

An ad from Unicef — “Send a postcard. Address the problem. Buying a single set of UNICEF postcards provides 26 children with the necessary child paralysis vaccine. This Christmas, your good wishes may save lives.”

Peter Baker (Image credit: We Heart It)

A new and refreshing take on American Gothic.

Nike Joga Bonito Commercial (Image credit: DNAike Tony)

Nike graffiti with soccer balls drawn embedded within the wall.

Graffiti, Hasselt (Image credit: Rick & Bart)

Cool and smooth graffiti found in Hasselt, Belgium.

Avispa (Image credit: Tretze)

A giant bee to scare away the apiphobics.

Grafiti, Granada, España 32 (Image credit: Bit Ramone)

The young girl with a cheeky smile and the red streaks behind her paint an atmosphere that is a little disturbing.

Wall Paint (Image credit: NachoMon)

Who needs an actual scenery when you can beautifully paint it against the back of any building?

Riviera’s Amazing Murals (Image credit: Jeremieritta)

Complexity in a mural is an attraction for tourists.

Mural (Image credit: 34th Street)

I can’t help but feel a surge of hope within me when I look at this mural. Beautifully painted and expressed.

Wall Painting, Quebec (Image credit: IgorKole)

Did you realize that the whole thing is a painting painted against a flat surface?


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