Creative gadget and product designs

5 Mar

I love industrial designs and gadgets that make my life easier og more fun! Check these out – some of them are really creative.

1. Sauna Boy USB Mini Humidifier

2. Star Wars Keyboard With LCD Touchpad

3. Nightlight with Portable Balls

4. iPod Hoodie

5. Grenade Salt And Pepper Shakers

6. Inception Spinning Top

7. Flute Personal Light

8. Ear Buddies Ear Buds

9. Wireless Video Doorbell Intercom

10. Micro Travel Scooter

11. Joystick-IT Arcade for IPad

12. Light Show Fountain Speakers

13. Sonos Playbar

14. Carzor-Card Razor

15. Wallpaper Magazine Rack

16. Photoshop Apple Keyboard Skin

17. Zipmark Bookmark

18. Cork Board Map

19. Craft Plus iPhone 5 Case

20. Crossfade M-80 Shadow Headphones

21. Miniature Replica Portal Gun

22. Floating Stand

23. Cork USB Drive

24. Little Printer

25. Bottle Opener Sandals


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