Hilarious and Unfortunate Ad Placements

5 Apr

Man plunges to his death… aaaahahhhh

Gun show – black & unwanted

3 accused of gang rape in monroeville – local 15

Wildrose danielle smith bus – is that huge jugs or wheels?

Jesus and a cat!

Jack Nicholson in les miserables

Got a Giant thirst carrot – what is she thirsty after?

Burgerking vs Heart disease

Nestle loves garbage!

My sister accidentally killed herself with skin cancer – Color Ooops!

Dont fly Turkish Airlines – they crash on staircases

Dont let philippinos in? straw dogs!

Quit school – bus ad

Reveal your pussy!

Taxi ad – footballer touch his handle

Diarrhea post workout power move

Starbucks sucks?!

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