Quality is nothing! How to make your product real quality…

21 Oct

Quality is nothing gold

The cookies were crisp, the coffee was still in the cups and the dark suits had pushed their full stomachs in place under the edge of the conference table , as the director finally broke the silence.

He told us how happy customers were because his company always delivered quality and why we – Mark and I – now would help to communicate it to many more.

Mark took a cookie but quickly put it back and said “I don’t buy quality,”.

The room was silent for a moment – not even the cookies dare to crumble…

Mark explained that he doesn’t believe in thing that just say ‘Quality’. He buys:

  • Things of a particularly hard material. Or silky
  • Things that lasts long
  • Things that still smells of roses after washing number fifty
  • Things that are sustainable
  • Things that are designed by innovative designers
  • Things that he can drop on the floor
  • Things that he will be wiser
  • Things that are user-friendly
  • Things that make him smile

Mark never buy quality because ‘quality’ itself is nothing!

It is an empty word , no telling what awaits us.
Example: Take the cookies from the bowl on the conference table. Are they quality cookies? Why is that…?

  • Because they are made of organic, hand-picked ingredients and no one was hurt during production?
  • Because they do not crumble as much as other cookies?
  • Because they are ultra low on calories?
  • Or because every cookie in the bowl is wrapped in it’s own little delicious hygienic packaging?

We do not know until there is any other word than quality (or professional , dedicated, reliable and efficient) to explain why these cookies are actually better.

Never trust “Quality” until the products explains why

That’s why, like Mark, you should never buy ‘quality’. That’s why you can never deliver just ‘quality’ products to your customers.

You should contribute with something that makes a particular difference to others – and your contribution deserves specific words that captivates people you want to reach. Then they understand and believes that your products are ‘quality’ without you having to print/say ‘quality’ on/about your products.

A tool for finding the right words:

Always ask yourself if the opposite statement could be the case when you put into words what you offer:

Message: “I offer legal services of high quality”
The opposite: “I offer shitty legal services” = FAIL!

Message: “I offer legal services that prevents someone suing you or your company”
The opposite: “I offer legal advice to minimize your losses when you get sued” = It works!

Why are your cookies ‘Quality’?

What quality services or products do you deliver? Type it below if you want feedback 🙂

chocolate cookie vector png for sale - designed by computerarts.dk

Thanks to kraes.e-conomic.dk for the idea

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